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Welcome to the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce

This is Fremont, it’s not the biggest town, but we’ve got heart, soul, and here we grow.

We’re a place to grow up, a place to raise a family, and a place to come home to no matter how long you have been gone.
A place where a good idea can take flight.  A place where entrepreneurs stand out. A place where small business, makes a significant impact. Here we grow.

A place where it is not about dollars and cents but lives improved, connections made and community strengthened. A place to build not just a business but a life. Fremont. Here we grow.


Fremont is diverse, inclusive, and collaborative.

Fremont is positioned for growth because of the community’s strong foundation, agricultural heritage and skilled workforce. That’s not all the community is focused on. Fremont’s leaders and residents are looking to the future and building upon the city’s diversity to identify new opportunities for advancement and growth. Through inclusivity and collaboration, the city is poised to reach new heights. Fremont.  Here We Grow.

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