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Chamber Council & Task Forces


Council Chair: Karna Dam, Nebraska Extension
Mission: To support and encourage producers and processors of regionally produced commodities and advocate for further development of ag-related enterprises, and to provide positive and reliable information to the public regarding agriculture's importance to Fremont's economy, and to promote  stewardship of natural resources.


  1. Educate chamber members, elected and civic leaders regarding agriculture, production practices and natural resources issues along with the tax implications to the Ag industry by hosting two seminars and an Ag tour during the summer months.
  2. Demonstrate appreciation to the agriculture community for its contribution to the Fremont area economy by hosting an event or activity during National Ag Week.
  3. Engage Ag producers and ag-related industries more fully in Fremont Chamber activities by hosting one winter event that addresses agricultural issues.
  4. Advocate for infrastructure development that supports the agriculture industry's needs and opportunities
  5. Make a concentrated effort to be better informed on water issues through updates from the Lower Platte Natural Resources District by inviting the Exectutive Director to one council meeting per year.
  6. Increase Ag membership in the Chamber by 10 members by utilizing the Ag Producer Level of membership.



Council Chair: Brad Dahl, Fremont Public Schools
Mission: In collaboration with other chamber councils consider, recommend, and advocate for policy, regulatory and legislative positions that advance the mission of the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce and its members.


  1.  Monitor and advocate for local infrastructure development including U.S. 30 completion, including preservation of LB84 funding.
  2. Strengthen regional relationships to present a stronger voice in Lincoln.
  3. Build effective working relationships with the new elected office holders.
  4. Collaborate with allied organizations and individuals to identify local development challenges or issues where the chamber and its membership may lend its influence.
  5. Advocate for business friendly policies and regulations.



Council Chair: Frank Kment, First State Bank & Trust Company

Mission: Provide educational and leadership development opportunities that increase the quality of the Fremont community.


  1. Merge the Leadership Fremont Alumni Council and Professional Development Council and launch its Professional Development Institute in coordination with the existing leadership programs.
  2. Target Leadership Fremont graduates as candidates for the new PDI - Professional Development Institute program.
  3. Continue the transition from an independent association to chamber council by implementing more efficient planning and execution.
  4. Increase awareness of each program and improve their quality and appeal.