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Chamber Staff


Brenda Wilberding | President/CEO

Proud to be born, raised and have planted roots right here in Fremont, NE.

Passionate Strengths Advocate who is wired to engage with everyone she encounters; “boredom” remains an alien concept in her vocabulary.

Life long learner who enjoys a diverse array of interests and experiences.

People and outdoor enthusiast who loves to camp, play board games and do anything that involves enjoying time with family and friends.

Empathy | Positivity | Developer | Woo | Learner

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Christine Torres | Director of Membership & Development

A west coast girl living in a midwestern world AND loving it!

A wife and mother of two amazing girls and a lover of dogs.

I crave a connection to the world and the people around me.

Game night? Art party? Food, fun, friends and anything fabulous... count me in!

Deliberative | Futuristic | Achiever | Competition | Significance


Devin Brashear | Director of Marketing & Communications

West Coast, East Coast, and now the Midwest!

A coffee lover who is always looking for the best iced latte!

If I'm not traveling somewhere new, you can find me spending time with family and friends.

Adaptability | Strategic | Developer | Futuristic | Connectedness


Cailin Brashear | Director of Business Services & Leadership Development

West coast girl turned Nebraskan!

An avid reader and iced coffee connoisseur.

I love the simple things in life, a good book, time spent outdoors, and living the "Good Life" in Nebraska!

Achiever | Relator | Ideation| Strategic | Developer


Brooke Douglas | Business Marketing Intern

A college student & dancer who loves to jam-pack her schedule!

Whenever it is warm, you can catch me doing everything by the water!

I am always looking to make a difference, big or small, to create a wave of positivity.

Includer | Harmony | Empathy | Restorative | Positivity